About K S Charitable Trust (KSCT)

K S Charitable Trust ( KSCT ) is a Non-profit Organization was Established in 2016 by Sri M R Ramesh, Sri B T Mohan, Sri S Rajnanna, Sri Byrappa Eswarappa, Sri M P Lakshmikanth and Sri M Sanjeeva Setty puttur. The trusts main goal is to use the power of education to change the lives of children that are underprivileged or living in poverty.

K S Charitable Trust is to help economically backward students gain quality education in our community. Its aim is to uplift the people of our community by providing better education. We believe that no young talent should go waste due to lack of resources. We believe that if we help one person get educated, their family and the future generations of their families will have the ability and desire to become educated. This is an essential and very long term investment for the future of our community.

Coming to main point on changing the out look of our community for the future, we have to come together to salvage the poorness of a section of our community people. For this we have created "K S Charitable Trust".

We are happy to inform that Sri M R Ramesh, Sri B T Mohan, Sri S Rajnanna and Sri M Sanjeeva Setty puttur have already confirmed apart from having shown intrest to become "Family Trustees". Sri Byrappa Eswarappa, Sri M P Lakshmikanth have confirmed apart from about 20 others have shown intrest in becoming "trustees". In addition many more have shown their intrest in joining the Trust as "Donars"